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Today: Jun 21, 2021

Why this project?

The problem of pollution, garbage waste and global warming are nowadays more and more real. Romania faces this situation, but also all of the countries, no matter on which side of the globe they are. The moments for desperate search for solution are coming closer and closer. A lot of countries are trying to make a change but it is still on us the real people, the youngsters that need to start the change.

The main idea behind the Youth Exchange is the promotion of harmonious life with the environment among young people coming from countries from different parts of Europe. Young people, gathered in Drobeta Turnu Severin, will spend 9 days exploring and exchanging ideas about the topics of sustainable development and environmental protection at the local level, promoting common international youth initiatives protecting the environment.


The problem of clean environment and none well informed citizens is very large and we need to promote and raise awareness about importance of clean surrounding for our future. The point is that we need to include all people to work on this issue and through joint work promote inclusion of young people different backgrounds. We are all citizens of the world and we all need to take care of clean environment. Through working of environmental issue youngsters will have opportunity to work together, break barriers between people from different backgrounds, promote inclusion and tolerance, tried to be active in their local communities after exchange promoting joint work and raise awareness of joint problem.


This exchange is focused on personal and everyday contribution to sustainable development and environmental protection. Although of crucial importance for the future of mankind, sustainable development and environment protection are not the issues that people are really devoted to as much as they should be. In Romania, this issue is, unfortunately, very low at the list of priorities and young people are still not aware what global climate changes can bring and are bringing to their lives. Not many are ready to devote themselves to raising awareness of their co-peers on sustainable development as well to promote personal responsibility of each and one of us regarding protection of Earth and nature. We want to include all young people to work on this issue and to raise awareness among them that only if we are work together we can contribute to our local community. In that case, we want to organize exchange, which the topic will be ecology and rising awareness of environmental issues in our daily life and promoting joint work on the issue important for all of us.

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